Genealogy - How to research your ancestry?

Start your research at home.

Check personal documents such as family registers, old passports, pictures of the deseased family members, birth announcements, marriage certificates, photos, transfer contracts and the like.

Interview older relatives and/or family friends.

They can usually read old writings well, and often have photos from earlier times and know the names of the people who are in the pictures.

Nutzen Sie Familienfeiern zum Daten sammeln

Nicht selten kommt es vor, dass sie dort erfahren, dass bereits jemand sammelt und sich gerne mit Ihnen austauschen möchte.

Doing your research on the Internet:

Here you will find church records (baptism, marriage and death books), also called matrices or matriculations, from Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Serbia and Slovenia.

The genealogical database

Association for online Genealogy database

The internet platforms mentioned below:
ancestry.de, myheritage.at oder myheritage.de can be great reseach sources.

You could also conduct your research in public archives

If the data that dates further back, you can take a look into church or parish archives. You will often also find important information in local history books, local clan books, local family books, hereditary farm research, home directories and similar publications.

Asking an expert(s):

www.iaf.co.at - Herwig Zott, Institute for Genealogy and Family Research

www.ihff.at - Felix Gundacker, Institute for Historical Family Research

www.genealogietourismus.at - Wolfgang Franz Stöger, Via Patres - Time travel through family history

Which data can be inserted into the family tree or ancestry?

First name(s)
Maiden name
Profession / Title
Date of birth / place
Wedding Date /
Date of death / place

How can I record my researched data?

With the help of a proper computer program

For example, the program "Ages" (www.daubnet.com/ages). You can install the program on your computer and start with the entries.

You can enter your data directly on the Internet

Platforms such as ancestry.de, myheritage.at or myheritage.de do offer direct entries of data.

If you would like to collect and manage your data manually,

we can provide you ancestry and family group template free of charge. Kindly ask us!

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